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Which is better, PC gaming or console gaming with a Gamefly free trial?

Over the years, I've enjoyed both PC and console gaming, but recently, I was asked by a friend which one is better. This friend only had money to buy a good gaming card or a console, so he had to choose one or the other. This wasn't an easy question to answer, but in the end, I ended up telling him to get a good console.


While PC games are great, I find that in order to get the same experience, you have to invest quite a bit. Not only will you need an upgrade to your graphics card (which can cost $200 or more if you want a good card), you may also want to upgrade your monitor and purchase a game controller. Last but not least, you could possibly need an upgrade in RAM. For the amount of money you spend to make your PC a gaming rig, you could easily afford one of the latest game consoles.


gaming console


As far as the price of games themselves go, you will find that they more or less cost the same amount, regardless of whether you buy a game for the PC or console. But owning a console has one very big advantage. If you have a console, you will be able to rent game from both Red Box and Gamefly. You probably already know what Red Box is. If you are not familiar with Gamefly, it is an online service that allows you to rent video games. Once you sign up with a Gamefly free trial, you will be able to have games that you rent sent to your own (all with free shipping). Then, you can play the game and keep it for as long as you desire. When you eventually send the game back, you will receive the next game that you have on your list, which you manage online. As you can see, by using this service, you can literally rent dozens of games each year. Two plans are available. One will allow you to rent one game at the time. The premium membership, however, will allow you to rent two games at once. Currently, Gamefly is the best video game rental service on the web as far as I'm concerned.


Red Box is also an option for renting games if you own a console. But be aware that the cost can be rather high. Red Box charges $3 per day for video games. Gamefly, on the other hand, offers memberships starting at $15 a month. Therefore, if you rent a lot of games, I think a Gamefly membership would ultimately be a much wiser choice.