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Checks for modern small businesses


For over a century, checks have been the most secure and easiest way to make payments for small businesses. It used to be that businesses had to rely on paper checks, but that is no longer the case. Due to advancements in banking and financial technology, today, many payments can be made directly from one account to another. Traditional checking products are still used very widely, however, the security features for such products have improved quite a bit, making them much more secure than they have been in the past. And in addition to that, eChecks from companies like Deluxe have further simplified the use of electronic checks.


To the extent possible, I always recommend that businesses send payments using some sort of electronic means. Today, this is accomplished easily using credit cards or services like Paypal. However, one major downside is the transaction fees that you are charged when you use such services. You can think of it as a fee in exchange for convenience. But if you run a businesses, such fees can add up quickly, negatively affecting your bottom line. For this reason, using checking products is still a good choice for most small business owners.


I like the checks provided by the giant checking company, Deluxe. They offer quite a few designs that allow you to find one that is a good match for the industry you are in. Moreover, the ability to customize your checks is a huge plus in my opinion, since it is a way for you to make sure that your checks display your company name and logo prominently. And last but not least, I like the fact that Deluxe checks are competitively priced. When I use using Deluxe Checks coupon codes from sites like Freebiebulletin, I am able to get some rather large discounts on the orders I place with this company.


For those who want to go completely paperless, electronic checks are another option that deserves serious consideration. Electronic checks will eliminate the need for paper altogether, but the downside is that you may need to invest a good deal of money upfront to set up the necessary technology.