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Online dating is better than dating shows



Some of the most popular shows on TV are dating shows. Franchises like the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise attract millions of viewers each week. Moreover, such shows generate a ton of social media hype, and hundreds of articles are posted about these shows after each episode.


To be sure, shows like the Bachelor present a fairy tale of what romantic relationships are like. This may cause some people to think such environment could be the ideal way to meet another individual. But consider the following fact: The vast majority of engagements that result from such shows do not last. Some end after just a couple months.


In my opinion, the problem boils down to 2 things:


1) The amount of time one spends with the other individual is severely limited. Prior contestants have said in interviews that the total face time they have with the person they ended up engaged with was far less than the amount of face time they would have had in a normal relationship before reaching such serious stage in their relationship.


2) The show isolates you from everyday problems. It's a lot easier to get along with someone if you're taking nice trips and not having to deal with issues that may arise in your daily routine. For this reason, it can be a shock to the contestants once the show is over and they must attempt to get along while returning to the mundaneness of everyday life.


If you've been fantasizing about being on a show like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, I have a much better suggestion for you. Instead of trying to be on a show like that, where your chances are slim, why not join a dating site such as Match.com? Especially since you can get a special Match.com free trial from Dating Coupons.net. People seem to like the idea of having 28 people vie for your love on a show, but on Match.com, there are literally thousands of people living within driving distance that you can interact with. Sure, the dates you go on may not be as fancy as the ones you'd go on if you were on the Bachelor, but they will be real-world dates, and you will be able to see the other person in a regular environment. In the end, meeting and wooing someone under such circumstances, while less glamorous, is likely to lead to a more long-lasting and meaningful relationship.