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The Importance of Packaging Materials


Many business owners buy package materials almost as an afterthought, and try to spend as little money as possible on it. But if you operate a retail business this can be a serious mistake. You don't necessarily have to go out of the way to have impressive packaging materials, but you should give them some thought and make sure they integrate well with the overall image you are trying to project for your business. This can be true for both retail and online businesses.


amazon box


Say your business, for example, sells items online. Things that are ordered online are often sent in plain brown boxes. There is nothing wrong with that, but you are missing a marketing opportunity by using such packaging materials. It's a lot better, if you follow Amazon's example. They use brown boxes to send products, but the boxes always have their logo displayed prominently. Keep in mind, many customers keep such boxes so they can reuse them later. And each time they look at the box, they'll be reminded of your business. What's more, if they use the box to send something to a friend or relative, your brand will gain even more exposure. Therefore, a small difference like putting your logo on your box can go a long way toward giving your business more visibility.


The same principle applies for bags. How often do you buy something, receive a nice bag, and keep it for later use? Once again, the business that provides the bag will get a lot of mileage out of their packaging material by adding the name and logo on the bag.


I like to use a company called Bags & Bows when I'm in the market to order packaging materials such as boxes and bags for my business. These Bags & Bows Coupons will allow you to get a discount on your Bags and Bows order. What's nice about this company is that you can place your order 100% online, and they allow you to work alongside a consultant to make sure your customized bag will turn out exactly how you want it.


Which is better, PC gaming or console gaming with a Gamefly free trial?

Over the years, I've enjoyed both PC and console gaming, but recently, I was asked by a friend which one is better. This friend only had money to buy a good gaming card or a console, so he had to choose one or the other. This wasn't an easy question to answer, but in the end, I ended up telling him to get a good console.


While PC games are great, I find that in order to get the same experience, you have to invest quite a bit. Not only will you need an upgrade to your graphics card (which can cost $200 or more if you want a good card), you may also want to upgrade your monitor and purchase a game controller. Last but not least, you could possibly need an upgrade in RAM. For the amount of money you spend to make your PC a gaming rig, you could easily afford one of the latest game consoles.


gaming console


As far as the price of games themselves go, you will find that they more or less cost the same amount, regardless of whether you buy a game for the PC or console. But owning a console has one very big advantage. If you have a console, you will be able to rent game from both Red Box and Gamefly. You probably already know what Red Box is. If you are not familiar with Gamefly, it is an online service that allows you to rent video games. Once you sign up with a Gamefly free trial, you will be able to have games that you rent sent to your own (all with free shipping). Then, you can play the game and keep it for as long as you desire. When you eventually send the game back, you will receive the next game that you have on your list, which you manage online. As you can see, by using this service, you can literally rent dozens of games each year. Two plans are available. One will allow you to rent one game at the time. The premium membership, however, will allow you to rent two games at once. Currently, Gamefly is the best video game rental service on the web as far as I'm concerned.


Red Box is also an option for renting games if you own a console. But be aware that the cost can be rather high. Red Box charges $3 per day for video games. Gamefly, on the other hand, offers memberships starting at $15 a month. Therefore, if you rent a lot of games, I think a Gamefly membership would ultimately be a much wiser choice.


The Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses

contact lenses from Lens.comA few years ago, I made the switch to contact lenses after using glasses my whole life. I feel I am now in a position to objectively review some of the pros and cons of using contact lenses. Therefore, in this article, I will be discussing what I like and don't like about contacts, while also offering a way to purchase them cheaply online by using Lens.com coupons.


First let's start with the positives. Contact lenses allow you to see much better than glasses, especially where peripheral vision is concerned. They are also a lot more comfortable and do not slide down your nose or fall off as easily. And most people feel that they look better without glasses, an opinion that I agree with. If you are active, you'll find that contact lenses are a lot more convenient when you are playing sports. And lastly, contacts do not fog up or get dirty, requiring you to wipe them. For more about contact lens benefits, check out this article.


But there are some negatives to contacts as well. I feel my eyes get drier more easily. And in some cases, your eyes can get irritated, especially if something gets stuck between your contact lenses and your eye. Such problems, however, are usually fixed easily. The main issue for me is the price of contact lenses. Although the price of contact lenses depends on what brand you use, in almost all cases, you will likely be paying more to wear contact lenses than you would to wear glasses.


There are ways, however, to purchase contact lenses cheaply. The best way to get a good deal on contact lenses is to order them over the Internet. Most online contact lens shops will offer a pretty good price, but I particularly like a store called Lens.com. The reason is that their prices are lower than most other stores based on my research. You can really get great deals if you use Lens.com coupons, which can be found on various coupon websites such as couponleaf.com. In addition to offering a competitive price, Lens.com also has very good service. I've never had a problem receiving my lenses quickly. In short, they are a reliable, affordable contact lens store that you can use to reduce the amount of money you spend each year.


Online dating is better than dating shows



Some of the most popular shows on TV are dating shows. Franchises like the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise attract millions of viewers each week. Moreover, such shows generate a ton of social media hype, and hundreds of articles are posted about these shows after each episode.


To be sure, shows like the Bachelor present a fairy tale of what romantic relationships are like. This may cause some people to think such environment could be the ideal way to meet another individual. But consider the following fact: The vast majority of engagements that result from such shows do not last. Some end after just a couple months.


In my opinion, the problem boils down to 2 things:


1) The amount of time one spends with the other individual is severely limited. Prior contestants have said in interviews that the total face time they have with the person they ended up engaged with was far less than the amount of face time they would have had in a normal relationship before reaching such serious stage in their relationship.


2) The show isolates you from everyday problems. It's a lot easier to get along with someone if you're taking nice trips and not having to deal with issues that may arise in your daily routine. For this reason, it can be a shock to the contestants once the show is over and they must attempt to get along while returning to the mundaneness of everyday life.


If you've been fantasizing about being on a show like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, I have a much better suggestion for you. Instead of trying to be on a show like that, where your chances are slim, why not join a dating site such as Match.com? Especially since you can get a special Match.com free trial from Dating Coupons.net. People seem to like the idea of having 28 people vie for your love on a show, but on Match.com, there are literally thousands of people living within driving distance that you can interact with. Sure, the dates you go on may not be as fancy as the ones you'd go on if you were on the Bachelor, but they will be real-world dates, and you will be able to see the other person in a regular environment. In the end, meeting and wooing someone under such circumstances, while less glamorous, is likely to lead to a more long-lasting and meaningful relationship.


Checks for modern small businesses


For over a century, checks have been the most secure and easiest way to make payments for small businesses. It used to be that businesses had to rely on paper checks, but that is no longer the case. Due to advancements in banking and financial technology, today, many payments can be made directly from one account to another. Traditional checking products are still used very widely, however, the security features for such products have improved quite a bit, making them much more secure than they have been in the past. And in addition to that, eChecks from companies like Deluxe have further simplified the use of electronic checks.


To the extent possible, I always recommend that businesses send payments using some sort of electronic means. Today, this is accomplished easily using credit cards or services like Paypal. However, one major downside is the transaction fees that you are charged when you use such services. You can think of it as a fee in exchange for convenience. But if you run a businesses, such fees can add up quickly, negatively affecting your bottom line. For this reason, using checking products is still a good choice for most small business owners.


I like the checks provided by the giant checking company, Deluxe. They offer quite a few designs that allow you to find one that is a good match for the industry you are in. Moreover, the ability to customize your checks is a huge plus in my opinion, since it is a way for you to make sure that your checks display your company name and logo prominently. And last but not least, I like the fact that Deluxe checks are competitively priced. When I use using Deluxe Checks coupon codes from sites like Freebiebulletin, I am able to get some rather large discounts on the orders I place with this company.


For those who want to go completely paperless, electronic checks are another option that deserves serious consideration. Electronic checks will eliminate the need for paper altogether, but the downside is that you may need to invest a good deal of money upfront to set up the necessary technology.


A good place to order business cards

Every business needs business cards, and there are quite a few options on how to get them printed. In this article, I will review some techniques you can use then let you know what I think is the best option.




If you’re on a tight budget, you can print business cards using your own printer. To do this, you’ll need to buy some printable business card paper from a company like Avery. Then, you’ll need to use Microsoft Word or a business card software to design your cards. Finally, you can print the cards using a high quality inkjet printer. The one downside of this technique is that your cards will end up looking a bit amateurish, with perforated edges. But if you decide you want to explore this options, you can read reviews of inkjet printers on CNET and also buy printer ink cheaply by going to Inkfarm. I like to use Inkfarm coupons to make sure I'm getting the best discount possible: http://inkjetprinterdiscounts.com/inkfarm.php.


A better option is to have a company like FedEx Kinkos print your cards. They have a number of predesigned cards you can select from, and once you give them your name, address, and other information you want printed on the card, they will do the rest. These types of cards don’t look all that unique, but they are still very professional looking and will suffice for most businesses.


The business card printing option I favor the most, however, is to use an online printing service like Printplace. Such sites will allow you to design your card online and take advantage of many design options. Since Printplace is a professional online printing company, they will then print your cards for you and send them to you by mail. I have used this service myself and can attest that they do very high quality work. Best of all, you can get a Printplace coupon and get a discount on your order.


White Cloud Ecigs Are Better For You

I wear contact lenses, and one thing that has always irked me about smoking is that it irritates my eyes, especially when the smoke is directed at my face in any way. In an earlier article, I talked about the pros and cons of contact lenses, but irritation from smoking is one of the disadvantages I forgot to mention. Fortunately, there is a way to alleviate this condition while also doing something that is beneficial to your health. This would involve giving up the habit of smoking, but it's well worth the effort, as you will soon see.




Giving up smoking, of course, is a very difficult thing to do -- but only if you don't have something to replace it with. If you search online, you will find that an untold number of people have been able to quit smoking while replacing their habit with e-cigarettes. Why would you want to do this? Quite simply, because it's easy to make the switch. Your body will still be getting the nicotine it craves while foregoing all the other bad things about smoking, such as smoke, tar, and carbon monoxide to name just a few. So in essence, what you're doing is replacing one very negative habit with another one that is far less harmful. This way, you come out ahead, any way you look at it.


Now let's go back to the issue about cigarette smoking irritating the eyes. This problem will also go away when you start using e-cigarettes, and here is the reason why: E-cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke. Some people even call it water vapor, although this technically is not correct. But either way, it is likely a completely harmless vapor that doesn't have the nasty stench of cigarettes. And because it is not smoke, no irritation is caused when it comes in contact with your eyes.


As you will soon find out while using E-cigs, there are plenty of other advantages. One of the key benefits that I appreciate the most is that E-cigs on the whole are less expensive. As far as I know, there is no tax on e-cigarettes, but even if there were one, e-cigarettes are much cheaper. Some estimates show that an average smoker can save thousands of dollars a year by making the switch. Therefore, if for nothing else, you should switch to e-cigarettes for the financial incentive. White Cloud E-cig is one brand I highly recommend if you want to try out some e-cigarettes. Use E-cigbargain's White Cloud E-cig coupons to save you some money when you place an order online. Aside from White Cloud, some other brands I like are Smokeless Image and Vapor4Life.